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Online Marketing Secrets – Secret #9 – Know Which Secrets To Hold On To!

Online Marketing Secret Number Nine:

Know Which Secrets to Take To Your Grave!

This isn’t to say that you should hoard all your knowledge like you’re a jealous spouse.

However, just as the Coca-Cola brand keeps the secret of their recipe, so should you evaluate what your special recipe is, and keep it under wraps.

There is something about your company, even if your company is just you – that distinguishes you from everyone else. Sometimes it’s not about a secret sauce, programming secret, or configuration.

It might just be a particular way to performing a service, the kind of results you can get that no one else can deliver, or a way of finding ebook topics that sell, in other words, the ingredients to your brand.

To figure out what this is for you, make a list of what you know how to do, or do differently, that no one else can figure out, or has been copied unsuccessfully. Those things make up your brand. And your brand, as well as your brand secrets, are sacred.

Guard them with your life.

Ewen Cha

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Online Marketing Secrets – Secret #8 – Learn Which Secrets To Sell

Learn Which Secrets to Sell.

How do you know when you ought to package a secret as an entry-level product or even as a back end?

When the secret is highly effective, unique, or different enough from how everyone else does it to be brand-able as your own.

As an example, there’s got to hundreds of ebooks on the market about RSS and Blogging. And yet, they continue to sell. If you want to set yourself apart from the competition, say something different about blogging and RSS.

Or say the same thing, but better. Or make it easier to understand. Or show how it can be changed to make more money. Give more detail. Illustrate a faster way.

Add your own special twist, with enough detail to make it the best resource of its kind.

Just don’t put TOO much detail in it, because a huge resource can be daunting. If you have more than 100 pages, or five videos, or ten audios, you’re probably looking at a back end product. Split the introduction part out as the front-end, and sell the rest to your confirmed client list as an upgrade.

When is a secret too good to sell? That’s the next secret up for discussion.

To your success,

Ewen Chia

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Online Marketing Secrets – Secret #7 – Learn Which Secrets To Tell

Online Marketing Secret Number Seven:

Learn Which Secrets to Tell.

The business of selling info-products is all about giving people who are hungry for information exactly what they want. The trick is:

  1. Knowing when to circulate a secret (as a freebie or introduction product) and how to get it to the most people in the least amount of time,
  2. Knowing which secret to sell (as a mid-level product or as a backend) and who to sell it to, and,
  3. Knowing which secret to take to your grave! (If you consult, you can use the secret on your client’s behalf, but not expose what it is, but you don’t actually share the technique with anyone.)

Let’s talk briefly about which secret you should tell, and we’ll go over the others in subsequent posts.

The secret to tell, and give away freely is the titbit. A little bit of information, or a twist on a technique that allows you to draw targeted prospects.


You might write a blog post, an article or create a free ebook that tells people why they should do something a certain way, give proof that it works, and offer to give them another useful titbit if they join your newsletter, or buy an inexpensive product.

It’s very short, simple and easy to implement.

If it’s executed properly, you will create a flood of interest about the product you haven’t even released – to do this successfully, you need to market it properly. If it’s easy to tell, write an article and submit it everywhere.

If you can’t tell it in less than 1000 words, you can do a shorter article that points to a site where they can download your free ebook on the subject in exchange for sighing up to your ezine, where you’ll market the follow-up product.

And if you have access to a team of affiliates, get them to spread the word about an entry-level product. They make the front end cash, and you make your profit off the backend sales. Either way, you now have a list of targeted clients and/or prospects that have taken the first step, and proven that when motivated, they’ll take action.

What you don’t want to do with this secret is give away the whole farm – or tell something that isn’t a useful bit of information to your targeted audience. If you give away the entire secret, you’ve outlived your usefulness. They’ll read what you offer and go away. If you tell the wrong secret, they’ll stop listening. 

To your success,

Ewen Chia

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Online Marketing Secrets – Secret #6 – Profit From The Secrets You Already Know

Online Marketing Secret Number Six:

If it’s a secret to someone you can profit from it!

After we’ve been internet marketers for a while, we become jaded. We assume that just because we know that the results on the right hand side and top of Google are ads, everyone must know. We think that there couldn’t possibly be another person we could enlighten about making money from selling solo ads.

We also tend to believe that there aren’t new tips out there, and that all the secrets to be known online can either be found free or have already been discussed.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Although it’s generally not the greatest idea to do a me-too product or topic, you can create products at the beginner, intermediate, or expert level.

Just make sure that you look to people who have more knowledge about a topic to help and advise you, and target your site towards people who are new to that knowledge.

There are probably hundreds of “how to get traffic to your website” products on the market, many of them written by people who don’t have tested and proven results. This is where niches become important again.

There are dozens of ebooks, videos and tapes about blogging. If you have specialized knowledge, sell to a niche. Nurses probably have special knowledge about the medical field, and could market a blogging solution that makes sense to doctors in private practice, for example.

The next time you’re looking for a product to create or a niche to be in, and you think “Oh, everyone already knows about that.” Think again.

Right at this very moment, you know something someone else doesn’t.

The trick is figuring out what that “thing” is.

Ewen Chia

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Online Marketing Secrets – Secret #5 – Your Business Model

Online Marketing Secret Number Five:

It’s all about your business model.

The fastest money you can make online, in terms of how fast you can start making a full time income from your own knowledge, is often in services and consulting.

If you can find a desperate market that needs a certain type of service or advice, you can make immense amounts of money, because as many gurus will tell you, whatever price people will pay for how-to information, is only a tenth of what they’ll pay to have you do it for them. Some people who offer services online are often able to get clients within days of opening their online doors.

The problem with this, of course, is that you’re then limited by the amount of time you have each month.

There are only so many hours in a month. And if you book yourself solid, even with referrals from happy clients, you’ll still have an upper limit to how much money you can make. Increasing your rates would make you more money, but you’ll still have an upper limit to your income.

An easier model is to create, mass produce and sell your own informational product. Easier to make, easier to serve multiple people at the same time, and the only restriction to your income is how well you market.

It’s still not the best model of an internet business. For the best model, you’ll want to create a method of creating a satisfied client who will keep paying you over and over.

Ewen Chia

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Online Marketing Secrets – Secret #4 – Are You An Expert Or A Salesperson?

Online Marketing Secret Number Four:

Learn the difference between a good Expert and a good Salesperson – then copy them both!

Of course, don’t go copying other people’s product ideas and saying you’re an expert when you’re not. But do know this – business people pay top dollar for the advice, help and products of a good expert, and consumers will fork over their hard earned dollar to a really good sales pitch for things that they don’t need all the time.

What’s the number one most purchased item in an American grocery store. Meat? Eggs? Bread?

It’s soda pop.

No one needs it, it just tastes pleasant and is marketed well. So well that even when people consciously know that it may be the number one reason for otherwise explained obesity, they won’t stop drinking it.

 And look at some of the reports on Forrester Research. Some of the reports there sell for hundreds of dollars – and sometimes they’re only a few pages long!

But corporations are often run by a committee of directors. Those directors have to agree on issues for the company to make changes. Those changes have to be backed up by cold, hard data if they want the shareholders to vote their way.

Then there are medium to small companies that need information or expertise. They don’t have the time to go look online for free information – they want it all in once place, and the things they need to know, they need to be able to verify with testing data, and get that done now.

Where do you fit in?

Ewen Chia

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Online Marketing Secrets – Secret #3 – Repeating What Works

Online Marketing Secret Number Three:

Repeat What Works!

Repeat visitors, repeat subscription payments, repeat sales, repeat customers… repeat that JV that went so well with a different offer… repeat your formula for that killer name squeeze page you had.

At the moment, I know that looks obvious. But think about your day to day life as an internet marketer. Don’t you have the tendency, when it comes to certain things, to chase something new instead of keeping a process that works?

There is always the time to innovate, and of course, you should always be testing new methods of getting clients, building a targeted list, and marketing in general.

But once you have a site that is cranking out cash constantly, instead of changing that site, you can build one like it, target it towards another market and make the new one into your test bed.

Or maybe you have a product that used to sell like crazy, and now is not much of a producer a year later. Should you shut down the site, pull it off the market, buy some advertising?

Sure, all of those things might work and save you in the short run. You could also repeat the formula that made you money the last time with a new product line.

The next time your cash flow starts to dwindle, think – what did I neglect to repeat?

Ewen Chia

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Online Marketing Secrets – Secret #2 – Good Marketing vs Good Product

Online Marketing Secret Number Two is:

Marketing matters as much, sometimes even more, than the quality of your product.

In a way it’s sad but true.

This is a central reason why some people are able to get away with selling okay products and making a fortune, while others can’t seem to make money even with the world’s greatest solution to a problem.

If you create something people want but don’t necessarily need, do great marketing, and have a fantastic sales letter, you’ll make more than if you created something of great value that has a lukewarm debut and an okay sales letter.

But make an incredible product that people are desperate for, do the best marketing job you can, and back it up with great copy, you can make a fortune.

Studies about online marketing dating back to 2001 support this theory:

People rationalize buying decisions based on facts, but people make buying decisions based on feelings.

That’s it in a nutshell.  Appeal to both the brain and the emotions.

To Your Success,

Ewen Chia

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Online Marketing Secrets – Secret #1 – More Traffic?


For the next 30 posts, I am going to write from a series titled “Online Marketing Secrets,” where I’ll share with you some of the key secrets I have discovered throughout my years marketing online. These will all be based on strong evergreen marketing principles and they will continue to work for you years and years ahead after you first read them here!

We’re not going in any particular order for the moment. This message is more for people who are already started than someone who is 100% brand new to internet marketing, but newbies will want to read it over, too.

Secret Number One is:

More Traffic Isn’t Always the Answer.

You’ve probably thought of this before. “If I could only get x number of people to my site in y amount of time, then I’d make z amount of money”. There’s something missing from this equation though.

That missing element is the conversion rate. This simply refers to the percentage of people who take the action you want them to take when they come to your site. In this case, we’re talking about making sales.

The reason more traffic isn’t always the answer is because not all traffic will convert to sales for your site. What you want is one of two things – a way to get more targeted traffic to your site, or a way to get more of the traffic you get to convert to sales.

More targeted traffic is easy enough to get if you’re ready to do the work involved, or prepared to pay for it. You can write articles, send press releases, have webinars, improve the way your site is set up for search engines, make sound joint ventures, or buy facebook traffic.

How to get the traffic that shows up to buy what you have at your site at a predictable rate is, however, a completely different matter. You’ll have to start studying your site.

The easiest way is to make sure there’s only one action for him to take, like putting in his email address or clicking on the buy button and making a purchase. Of course, that isn’t practical for some types of websites, such as blogs or content-based internet properties. We’ll talk more about what actions you can take to fix this after the online marketing secrets series.

For now, just remember, fix the problem your site has converting – tweak and test everything until traffic begins to convert at a predictable rate. Then, and only then, should you throw immense amounts of traffic at your site in an effort to increase your income.

To your success!

Ewen Chia

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How To Earn More Money Online

Hey! How are you doing?

I’ve been travelling non-stop for training events to many countries but I wanted to share this with you.  That’s because many readers are wondering…

“How do I earn more money online??”

So there are 3 main strategies at work here…

Strategy #1: Make MORE Sales

The most obvious way is to simply make more sales of the product you’re promoting.

This can be either your own or affiliate product, it doesn’t matter as the strategy is the same.

For example, if your net profits per sale is $10, in order to make $1,000, you’ve to sell 100 copies!

This is the LEAST effective method to make more money as you’re simply trading time and effort for dollars with no leverage.

Strategy #2: Make More PER Sale

 The next strategy is obviously to make more per sale in order to earn more.

You could sell a $100 product instead of a $10 product, so effort wise, it will take you 10 sales to make $1,000 instead of 100 sales as with the first strategy.

Sounds a lot easier?

Well this is not always a recommended method as it’s about working MUCH harder once again.

I mean, it’s a lot harder to charge higher prices than cheaper prices and you must work harder to get the customer in the door.

This is true unless you’ve a very strong brand, trust and relationship with your market, affiliate support and premium products that justify the price.

So what’s the best option?

Strategy #3: Make More Per CUSTOMER

 In Marketing (online or offline), a proven strategy is to make more money from the same customer.

This is a very powerful strategy with high leverage, where you earn more by working less.

Remember, it takes the SAME amount of effort to get a customer.

Often times, this is achieved by utilizing a marketing sales funnel that leads the same customer from a front-end product to optional upsells and backends that benefit him or her.

In Marketing, you’ll thus often see things like “one time offers”, “upsell offers” and “backend offers”.

This is VERY common and almost 99% of internet marketers have this in place within their products…

So get use to it

The reason marketers do this is simply because it makes good marketing sense, and dollars of course.

You should do the same if you’re a marketer.

Now the thing is, you must provide REAL VALUE and related products that help customers throughout the funnel, and these should be optional.

Meaning, they provide EXTRA help and benefits to the customer, but should not take away from the main product.

This helps you to leverage your marketing and get the “lifetime value” of the customer.

Lets look at an example:

If a customer buys a front end product from you for $50, if you don’t have this strategy in place, you’ll just earn $50.

If you’ve a “one time offer” and other related “backend products”, you could be making A LOT more like $5,000 (!) from the same customer, while providing more value.

I know it’s harder to do this unless you’re very experienced or have a team.

The average beginner will not be able to benefit from this strategy and many will continue to trade their time for dollars and earn minimum profits.

Is there an easier way to take advantage of this strategy immediately without having to wait years or working harder?

Of course there is!

Click here to learn more about it . . .

Hope this post provides some insights to help you.

Talk soon!

Ewen Chia

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