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Internet Marketing – Free is Good — Is It Always?

It is interesting to observe the various ways that people receive free resources and gifts from their benefactors, for example from affiliate marketing companies. Of course many feel blessed and it gives them a boost in their mindset to have been the recipient of good fortune. Some realize they actually may have just saved $100s or even $1000s in development and start-up costs for their home business. They have the best intentions to make good use of what has been provided.

However sometimes it is the case that it appears people really do not know what they have been given. For example because they do not know how much something would cost them if they were to create something themselves. Somehow once the ‘high’ of joining the program and getting all the prizes is over, they are not really interested. They do not want to do any work – they thought that because everything was free the program would also get the traffic, leads and sales for them.

Sometimes there is a real disconnect because someone may not trust the fact that it is purported to be ‘free’ – as if to say they know nothing is ever really free. Then they wait for ‘the other shoe to drop’. At the same time, they may also steadfastly refuse to spend any money because they wouldn’t have ventured anything unless it was free. These are often the same ones who also do not work for free (even for themselves) to build a home business and then can’t understand why they failed.

It seems like a paradox, like when someone can’t really appreciate what they have been given, without acknowledging that it has tremendous value. Better to remain oblivious because they can’t stand the feeling of obligation or feeling that they owe someone. So they don’t use the tools – that way they are absolved of all responsibility. Everything just goes to waste.

They look everything over (‘kick the tires’) and then pronounce either literally or figuratively that it’s not an option because it costs too much money, requires too much work, won’t have instant profit, (will take time to develop), or they can’t understand how to get started even with instructions. For some reason they just give up right off the bat. Since it was free, it’s no big loss.

Whatever it is, maybe it is not for everyone. There is no crime in just not wanting to do something or not feeling that they are capable of doing it all either at this time or any other time. There is no shame and in fact it was good that at least they tried to see what it was about.

You never know, maybe years from now, things may be different and they will take the leap of faith. Some day in the future, you might be able to see or do something that before was believed to be unachievable. You might try and fail (by giving up too soon) 10 times before you get to the right time for you, at a time when you can put it all together and run with it. You’ll see ‘the glass half full instead of half empty’.

Authored by Stone Evans - The Home Biz Guy

HomeBusinessOwner 2016