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Internet Marketing Strategy – Why Saying Something is Easy is Not Always Best

‘Easy’ can mean a lot of different things to different people. It is completely subjective. What is easy for one is difficult for another; but that is beside the point. More needs to be said to emphasize that ‘easy’ and ‘autopilot’ and ‘passive’ income only comes in time. If people are honest about how long it took them to figure it out, they will tell you it took them awhile for their business to be in profit.

So many seem to be in denial when it gets to that clause because time and again they will start something and give it half an effort just ‘to test the waters’ and see if the part of the ad they liked is true; but leaving out the fine points about the investment of time and effort. Oh yeah, it will be different for me!?

There is an expression in the corporate world where it is said that someone wanted to ‘start at the top of the ladder and work their way down’ – they didn’t want to pay any dues or pick up any useless skills, just walk in as CEO. In the Internet marketing environment, the twin would be to never invest a dime or any time; and just be hard-nosed about that from the get – oh this guy says everything is free, he says everything is easy, and somehow I take away that it is also fast, so I can just kick back and wait.

So that is why after not giving something a chance to develop – but just allowing yourself some pre-set ‘probationary’ period, that makes several invalid assumptions, deluded people will quickly pronounce that the program is not happening, i.e., it’s a scam. The main problem is having all these pre-conceived attitudes, which is the opposite of having an open mind and a ‘learning spirit’ that will carry you to the top.

There is another saying that goes ‘the one who can’t learn is the one who believes he already knows’. So he is going to do it his way. He may have condescended to listen to ‘expert advice’, and let you show him a few things, but now he will go his own way and instead take all those brilliant tips from his peers (who may have just started Internet marketing the day before yesterday).

Much better if he could have played along and followed the program – done the training, did some research on what was said, did due diligence, and most important, to see if what is being said is feasible. He should have done some real analysis to determine what the do-able plan will be for him, and how to facilitate everything so as to meet reasonable, achievable target goals.

However, it wasn’t exactly easy because there was a lot of work involved and a lot of time to build a business; time when you don’t know if what you are doing is going to work or not. The results are qualified by how much time and how much real, aggressive effort was invested. If it didn’t get a fair chance – enough time – enough effort, then they will probably never really know if it could have worked.

Authored by Stone Evans – The Home Biz Guy

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