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Starting an Online Business – It is All About Mindset

Let’s compare and try to guess which one is the winner.

Mr. Positive gets up every morning with a warrior attitude. He is out to conquer whatever he has to do to get through the day. He is confident in himself and in what he is doing. In this case he knows he has some work to do to promote his business. He has a little list of things that he does so that he can focus on the tasks at hand. With a list he knows he is less likely to get lost in space. Some of the tasks he is not crazy about doing, maybe wishes he could pay someone to do it, but since he can’t, he gets those out of the way first.

When he is done with his list then he is ever in search of more techniques that he can add to his strategy. He goes to a search engine and he starts to research – he has heard about various things that are popular right now. He reads the reviews and analyzes whether or not it is worth trying something new. He knows he will have to give it some time to work once he implements it; in the end if it doesn’t produce results, he will just try something else.

If he finds that he really isn’t getting the results he had hoped for, he may restructure everything. There are no ‘sacred cows’ so anything that is not working after a fair trial has to go and is replaced by something new. If it is something he has to learn how to use he gets the information he needs. He knows not to ‘throw out the baby with the bathwater’, and he doesn’t dwell on what didn’t perform satisfactorily or blame anybody. He knows if not today, then tomorrow. Always focusing on the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ rather than on the darkness.

Mr. Negative wakes up ‘on the wrong side of the bed’ most days – He is not a happy fellow and he spends a lot of time being suspicious and skeptical about anything he doesn’t fully understand. He never considers that maybe if he took the time to learn about it that he might then trust it at least enough to give it a try. He doesn’t really like working and wanted so to believe that he could find some magic formula that would make him wealthy without investing any time, effort, or money.

He gives his usual half-hearted attempt to accomplish something and when he then doesn’t see any direct results right away, he is sure that he has been scammed. He can go down the list of the people and things that have betrayed him. He is sure everybody has lied to him and that they want to steal his last dime. He never considers that it is him that didn’t really want to work and that he just copped an attitude about everything from A to Z. However the good part for him is that now he has an excuse to quit (fail).

Not surprisingly he gives up way too soon without even giving himself or anything he is doing a fair chance. This likely depresses him on a certain level, although on the outside he is probably feeling relieved to be out from under such a tedious mess as trying to start a business online. He then becomes complacent and decides to just be ‘satisfied’ with whatever he has rather than to try to improve his lot.

Authored by Stone Evans - The Home Biz Guy

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